This is personal website , started to learn Alto Saxophone when I was 52 in 2017. Moved to Tenor Saxophone now. If anyone says you are too old. Just ignore them, go fo it. I never did any music when i was younger. Probably might of given it up. I seem move focused at my age to learn. 


But pick an instrument you know you will enjoy, more fun then the learning process.


Plenty of advise and people who will help you. I do leasons once a week which is good , personal practise time is key I think, it allows normal practise  and to try things and good old Youtube for general info. I enjoy the learning, and the home work. My teacher gives me.



Any questions people want to ask I will be more than happy to answer, if you are thinking of learning an saxophone. 

I like the classical side of the music I am learning.


Peter Millard

Bethany Miles Saxophone Teacher